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About Us

We provide our clients all required services that can be executed on all types of metals and acrylics.
BMT is specialized in supplying the highest technology services in the market,
Our know-how and experience enable us to add real value to our customers by giving them
advice and by supplying their needs.


Our Machines Produce High Quality Finish
Laser Cutting

Do you have a particular image that inspires you? A Design, prototype, a unique Architecture or piece of Art, ِBMT can turn your dreams and imagination into a beautiful, unique real piece.

Panel Bending

At BMT we work with our customers to provide the complete solution to their metal product manufacturing requirements offering bending technology.

CNC PANEL BENDER offers precision, flexibility, speed, high surface quality and productive capacity for single piece and small batches as well as big quantities series for any metal fabricator dealing with Stainless Steel, Pre-painted, Aluminum, and any other surface critical material.

Punch+Laser Combi.

Best choice to ensure high productivity adaptable to any production need, meeting all customer requirements and realizing high precision and top quality punched sheet metal with a combination of laser process in a single machine reducing time, improving material flow and includes engraved part numbers, logos or product identification.


V grooving is another service provided to cover all your Metals and Acrylics, solutions presenting a cost & time saving alternative to the conventional method of 90 degrees or other angles corner production.

V grooving is usualy applied on Super mirror surface finishing to avoid bad edges finishing

  • V Grooving
  • V Grooving
  • V Grooving
Waterjet Cutting
Water jet cutting technology allows cutting virtually any shape out of almost any type of material (Such as Metals, Marble, Glass, Granite, Plastics, Textiles …)  It provides the ability to cut a wider range of thickness.


  • No heat affected zone. This makes the process ideal for materials that are affected or deformed by heat, such as titanium and aluminum.
  • No tool changing, saving time and expenses
  • WaterJet Cutting
  • WaterJet Cutting
  • WaterJet Cutting
  • WaterJet Cutting
  • WaterJet Cutting
Grinding/Super Mirror

Polishing Line Provides wet finishing of stainless steel surfaces in the following:

Grinding Wet operation Advantages
  • No material contamination
  • Adjustable Multi Head process meeting all your needs
  • Very high precision and tolerance grinding

Grinding operation surface finishing:

         -Brushed - Scotch bright (Wet type)
         -Hairline (Wet type)

Super Mirror:
on sheets ranging from 0.5mm up to 30 mm

  • Brushed
  • Grinding Line
Corner Forming

Without any need for welding, the corner forming application creates improved quality corners in a faster way which reduces cost and time with extensive competitive advantages and no change of color surface.


  • No need for grinding, cleaning or passivation.
  • Even for Galvanized steel you don't need to worry since the corner forming process don’t damage the zinc coating
  • Corners of stainless steel thus formed do not have the problem of color change.
  • Corner Forming
Bead Blasting

Bead Blast is a state of art finish, uniformly textured, and low gloss with a soft satin reflection. Bead Blast has no coatings to deteriorate and will last indefinitely with little maintenance or even maintenance free for a long period of time. ( it is applicable on all types of metals & acrylics)

  • Bead Blasting
  • Bead Blasting
  • Bead Blasting

Create your own vector artwork & modify it into a 3D modeling design and sculpting tools or a 2D design quickly and easily, on any type of materials ranging from Foam PVC, Magnets, to Thick aluminum plates.

Routing and Engraving 2D/ 3D is used for various applications such as:

Sign Making, Advertising, Trophies, Identification labels, Staff Identification, Electrical panel boards, corporate identification and promotion, Jewelry and Gifts, Cabinets and Furniture.

Tube Mill
BMT provides you with stainless steel tubes & pipes with large range of thickness and diameters.
All our stainless steel tubes & pipes are manufactured in accordance with ASTM standards.
Stainless steel tubes & pipes are essential products for everyday life.
They are used in various industries (construction, petrochemicals, pipeline, decorative, & ornamental)
Laser Marking

Laser marking is increasingly used over other methods of branding and marking due to its permanence, legibility and flexibility. Whether the component is stainless steel or other material, a laser marked logo is easy to keep clean and cannot be removed over time.

This process is mostly used for metal engraving but it also works well on other hard materials such as ceramic, marbles, stones and acrylics also suitable for Mirror and Super Mirror Stainless Steel.


Metals are considered durable materials and available in different types. Laser has proved to be successful for engraving metals owing to its durability and the fact that it does not damage the material and keep it extremely accurate and clean.

Whether you are engraving stainless steel with a barcode, Brass with a serial number, or anodized aluminum with a logo, BMT provide you the best solution and materials for your applications.



Designed for a wide range of applications, the Qualifier provides sheet metal fabricators with a new high-speed, precision option for quality measurement.

Qualifier enables to measure milled, punched, formed and laser-cut sheet metal. The measuring machine also makes it possible to develop programs using reverse engineering; as it can detect the actual contour of a part and convert the data back into a CAD file.          

Depending on the task, the measuring process takes just a few moments.  


Top choice to be used for interior or exterior building decorations, especially in public areas where There is no way to avoid Finger prints.


  • No negative effect on the appearance of stainless steel
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Resistant to abrasion - durable coating against mild stresses encountered in day-to-day use
  • Resistant to standard household cleaning agents
  • Hygienic, odorless and tasteless
  • Extremely resistant to Bacteria (Bacteria Doesn’t stick on the surface)
  • Applicable on all grades of Stainless Steel


BMT provides the market with all kinds of machines for all services to be executed on metals & acrylics, we have many options for each machine type that fits all market demands and budgets.

Available machines:

Press Brake Machine
Shearing Machine
Laser Cutting Machine
Punching Combination Machine
Water Jet Machine
Router Machine
Vertical Panel Saw Machine
Other Machines are available upon request
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Press Brake
  • Router
  • Punching Combination
  • Shearing
  • Vertical Panel Saw
  • WaterJet Machine

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